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working papers

February 14, 2011
  • D. Materassi, G. Innocenti, L.Giarré, M. Salapaka,  Model Identification of a Network as Compressing Sensing,  submitted to Systems and Control Letters, March 2011
  • I. Tinnirello, L. Giarré. G. Neglia MAC design for WiFi infrastructure networks: a game-theoretic approach, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, in print!
  • D. Bauso,L.Giarré, R. Pesenti, Learning through consensus for the convergence to efficient Nash strategies in noncooperative dynamic games, second revision on Mathematical Methods of Operations Research,  submitted on January 2011
  • D. Bauso, L. Giarré, R. Pesenti Quantized Dissensus in  Networks of Agents subject to Death and Duplication, IEEE Trans on Automatic Control, IN PRINT
  • D. Bauso, F.Blanchini, L. Giarré, R. Pesenti, Decentralized solution for the constrained minimum norm flow, submitted to IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, second revision 2011
  • R. Calamai, L. Giarré,   Enabling Primary and Specialist Care Interoperability through HL7v3 CDA Rel.2 and Chronic Care Model: an Italian case study, submitted to IEEE Trans on System Man and Cybernetics, part A,  second revision 2011
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