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Seminar at MIT

September 18, 2014

On Wednesday, Oct 1st,
Special seminar at LIDS, MIT, Cambridge, Massacchussets
D677, 2 pm


TITLE: Scalable Admission Control for Smart Grids

Energy demand and production need to be constantly matched in the power grid.
The traditional paradigm to continuously adapt the production to the
demand is challenged by the increasing penetration of more variable
and less predictable energy sources, like solar photovoltaics and wind
power. An alternative approach is the so called direct control of some
inherently flexible electric loads to shape the demand. Direct control
of deferrable loads presents many analogies with flow admission
control in telecommunication networks: a request for network resources
(bandwidth or energy) can be delayed until these resources are
available in order to guarantee some performance metric. Now,
we go beyond such the analogy, showing that usual teletraffic tools
can be effectively used to control energy loads. In particular we
propose a family of control schemes which can be easily tuned to
achieve the wished trade-off among resources usage, control overhead
and privacy leakage.

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