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Program 2017/2018

Office Hours:  Monday  4.30-6 pm (upon request)


Monday 2pm-4pm (P1.5); Wednesday 11am-1pm (P2.1), Thursday 4pm-6pm (P1.6)

Laboratory: Wednesday 2pm-4pm (P2.5)

Lesson Date Tile Material
L1 18/09 Introduction- Review of Linear Algebra Lec0(a4)


L2 20/09 Least squares error solutions Lec2(a4)
E0 20/09 free
L3 21/09 Matrix norms, SVD Lec3(a4)
L4 25/09 Dynamical Models Lec4(a4)
L5 27/09 Seminar Prof Del re  seminardel
E1 27/9 Matlab (laboratory) Prof. Biagiotti  Matlab slides
L5 28/09 State space systems Lec5(a4)
L6 2/10 Response of LTI systems Lec6(a4)
L7 4/10 Response in Transform Domain Lec7(a4)

For reference on Laplace and Zeta Transform see: Oppenheim and Shafer Digital Signal Processing 

or Nagrath Gopal Control System Engineering

L8 5/10 Similarity Transformation/ Solution in Modal Coordinates Lec8(a4)
L9 9/10 Stochastic Processes and Systems Lec9(a4)
E2  4/10 Matlab (laboratory) Prof. Biagiotti  Matlab slides
L10 11/10 Stochastic and deterministic dynamical i/o system (From I/O to I/S/O) Lec10(a4)
L11 12/10 Stability Lec11(a4)
L12 16/10 Liapunov method
18/10 MOREJOB Sospensione




L13 19/10 External Stability Lec12(a4)
L14 25/10 Response of stochastic systems Lec13(a4)
E3 23 and 26/10 TEST like Exercises Example of a TEST


E4 25/10 Matlab (Laboratory) (Prof. Biagiotti)
EM 7/11 MIDTERM TEST (A) results
L15 8/11 Reachability Lec14(a4)
E5 8/11 Matlab (Laboratory) (Prof. Biagiotti)
L15 9/11 Modal Aspects Lec15(a4)
L16 15/11  Observability Lec16(a4)
E6 15/11 Test and Exercises
L17 16/11 Model-Based Controller Lec17(a4)
L18 20/11 Minimal State Realization Lec18
E7 22/11 TEST like Exercises
E8 22/11 Matlab (laboratory) 
L19 23/11 Estimation  (LS,BLUE,RLS,LMS)  LN 19
L19 27/11 Estimation LN 21
L21 29/11 Estimation
L22 30/11 Kalman Filtering LN 20
L23 4/12 Kalman Filtering
L24 5/12 Identification LN 21
E9 5/12 Matlab (laboratory)
L25 6/12 Identification in practice- Model validation LN 22
E10 9/12 Test like Exercises
E11 11/12 Matlab (Laboratory)

Requirements and grading: 2 midterm tests (40%+ 40%)+ Matlab test (20%) or 1 final exam (80%)+matlab test (20%). The oral test is not mandatory, but upon student request (maximum it will allow  +/- 10% of final grade).

Office Hours:  Monday 4.30- 6 pm

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